Our Clients Success

  • As I reflect on the time we have worked together, I can honestly say that the experience and value of having Shahnaz as my coach, has been a critical element in securing a new job.  The ability to discuss confidential and specific situations with a trusted third party and to receive relevant, solid feedback has been invaluable to me. Shahnaz’s guidance and direction, based upon her real world experience, was also an important resource for me. The experience was very valuable in allowing me to navigate the transition from old job to new job.

    Chowdary Y.
  • I cannot say enough about what a positive experience [working with Lisa] was.  Lisa provided a fully built roadmap for me that was both standardized for executives ... but also tailored to my specific experiences.  Along the way, I came to know myself better--what I valued most, what my priorities were and where I wanted to be now and ten years from now. I have a number of people to credit for this, but foremost among these is Lisa.

    Jim H., VP Finance and Accounting
  • I really enjoyed working with Shahnaz for my MBA coaching. Not only Shahnaz is a good listener, but also she can relate my career questions to the theories in a simple and clear way. With the coaching experience, I was able to apply the learning to my recent interview with my boss about my career development. Furthermore, I believe I am now better prepared for my MBA's last international project. Working with Shahnaz really gives me new way of thinking when facing new career opportunities. Energy leadership really works and I will continue to apply it to my life and works!
  • Shahnaz is a brilliant coach and extremely passionate about her clients.  While coaching with her I not only felt empowered but truly felt that she believed in me and my potential.  She gave me a burst of lasting inspiration and the clarity to step fully into action.  Since working with her, my business has grown and I am confident in the direction it is heading.  I highly recommend working with Shahnaz!

    Ariane H.
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