Optimize Your Team

Team Coaching Leadership Development Workshops presented by Optimize U Leadership Coaching

Some teams stand out as exceptional experiences while others can be wrought with tension and difficulty,  no matter how talented the individual team members may be.  Why is it that talent isn't enough?  It's the interaction between team members that makes the difference.  The team is the limit for what's possible, not the sum of the individual talents on the team.

In our team coaching approach, we utilize the Team Diagnostic™ assessment, to get the team's view on their current state as our starting point.  You might think of this as a team selfie.  Every team is dynamic, with its own unique personality, conscious and unconscious rules of engagement, vision, blind spots, and emotions.

Our team coaching engagements are typically 6 months long, bookended by an initial full-day workshop and a closing workshop,  At the initial workshop, we reveal the results of the Team Diagnostic™and work with the team to accomplish the following objectives:

• Have open and creative conversation about the mission, goals, and priorities for this team on two levels: compelling work/team issues and the dynamics of the team itself so that the team can create an action plan designed to keep the team on track as it progresses toward its goals
• Assess where they are today as a team and where they want to be in six months
• Explore the link between their identified strengths and weaknesses and their ongoing responsibilities and achievements
• Identify opportunities to enhance productivity, collaboration, and use of resources
• Determine what specific actions they can take – individually and collectively – to close the gap between their current and desired state
• Commit to an action plan with clear strategies and accountability in place to create ongoing improvement with the ultimate aim of furthering the team’s mission and goals

Following the initial workshop, we meet regularly over 6 months (typically 1 or 2 times per month) for team coaching.  A one day offsite is not enough for deep, lasting change  Through the ongoing team coaching, we help the team live up to the agreements they make to one another, so thatt they can be more effective, engaged leaders, amking the ipact that is important to their mission.  We also provide Training targeted for issues identified by the team, as needed.