Recommended Videos & Books

Leadership Videos

How Great Leaders Inspire Action

In this TED Lecture by Simon Sinek, learn how people don’t buy what you do, the buy how you do it. (click to watch)

The Power of Vulnerability

Brene Brown’s TED Talk gives a poignant, funny talk, she shares a deep insight from her research, one that sent her on a personal quest to know herself as well as to understand humanity. (click to watch)

Leadership Lessons from the Dancing Guy

Entertaining demonstration of why the first follower is actually the leader. (click to watch)

The Happiness Advantage

Sean Achor shows how we falsely place happiness after success. (click to watch)

Chade-Meng Tan's Search Inside Yourself

In designing Search Inside Yourself, a popular course at Google, early Google engineer and personal growth pioneer Chade-Meng Tan (Meng) has distilled emotional intelligence into a set of practical and proven tools and skills that (click to watch)

Stanley McChrystal: Listen, learn ... then lead

Four-star general Stanley McChrystal shares what he learned about leadership over his decades in the military. How can you build a sense of shared purpose among people of many ages and skill sets? By listening and learning — and addressing the possibility of failure. (click to watch)

Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

What makes a great leader? Management theorist Simon Sinek suggests, it’s someone who makes their employees feel secure, who draws staffers into a circle of trust. (click to watch)

Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg looks at why a smaller percentage of women than men reach the top of their professions — and offers 3 powerful pieces of advice to women aiming for the C-suite. (click to watch)

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows how “power posing” can affect testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and might even have an impact on our chances for success. (click to watch)

Leadership Books

The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else In Business, by Patrick Lencioni

There is a competitive advantage out there, arguably more powerful than any other. Is it superior strategy? Faster innovation? Smarter employees? No, New York Times best-selling author, Patrick Lencioni, argues that the seminal difference between successful companies and mediocre ones has little to do with what they know and how smart they are and more to do with how healthy they are. (read more)

The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance---What Women Should Know, by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

Working women today are better educated and more well qualified than ever before. Yet men still predominate in the corporate world. In The Confidence Code, Claire Shipman and Katty Kay argue that the key reason is confidence.  (read more)

Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, by Daniel Goleman

Daniel Goleman's brilliant report from the frontiers of psychology and neuroscience offers startling new insight into our "two minds"—the rational and the emotional—and how they together shape our destiny. (read more)

Energy Leadership, by Bruce D. Schneider

A clever assessment of how your energy levels effect your business relationships. (read more)

Executive Presence: The Missing Link Between Merit and Success, by Sylvia Ann Hewlett

You can have the experience and qualifications of a leader, but without executive presence, you won't advance. EP is an amalgam of qualities that true leaders exude, a presence that telegraphs you're in charge or deserve to be. Articulating those qualities isn't easy, however. (read more)

Joy, Inc.: How We Built a Workplace People Love, by Richard Sheridan

Menlo Innovations CEO Rich Sheridan removed the fear and ambiguity that typically make a workplace miserable. With joy as the explicit goal, he and his team changed everything about how the company was run. The results blew away all expectations. Menlo has won numerous growth awards and was named an Inc. magazine “audacious small company. (read more)

Mindset:  The New Psychology of Success, by Carol S. Dweck

Dweck explains why it’s not just our abilities and talent that bring us success–but whether we approach them with a fixed or growth mindset. She makes clear why praising intelligence and ability doesn’t foster self-esteem and lead to accomplishment, but may actually jeopardize success. With the right mindset, we can motivate our kids and help them to raise their grades, as well as reach our own goals–personal and professional. Dweck reveals what all great parents, teachers, CEOs, and athletes already know: how a simple idea about the brain can create a love of learning and a resilience that is the basis of great accomplishment in every area. (read more)

One Minute Manager, by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

A book on increasing productivity, job satisfaction, and personal prosperity. (read more)

Search Inside Yourself: The Unexpected Path to Achieving Success, Happiness (and World Peace), by Chade-Meng Tan

Chade-Meng Tan, one of Google’s earliest engineers and personal growth pioneer, offers a proven method for enhancing mindfulness and emotional intelligence in life and work. (read more)

Thinking Fast & Slow, by Daniel Kahneman

A groundbreaking tour of the mind and explains the two systems that drive the way we think. Kahneman reveals where we can and cannot trust our intuitions and how we can tap into the benefits of slow thinking. He offers practical and enlightening insights into how choices are made in both our business and our personal lives—and how we can use different techniques to guard against the mental glitches that often get us into trouble. (read more)

Career Books

Career Distinction:  Stand Out by Building Your Brand, by William Arruda and Kirsten Dixson

This book details the concept of personal branding in a magnificent and easy-to-digest presentation that is a must-buy for every serious job seeker. (read more)

Do What You Love, the Money Will follow: Discovering Your Right Livelihood, by Marsha Sinetar

A step-by-step guide to finding the “work” that expresses and fulfills your needs, talents, and passions. Using dozens of real-life examples, Marsha Sinetar shows you how to overcome your fears, take the little risks that make big risks possible, and become a person whose work means self-expression, growth, and love! (read more)

Match:  Connecting Who You Are with What You’ll Love to Do, by Shoya Zichy and Ann Bidou

A one-of-a-kind guide that uses the author’s revealing 10 minute self-assessment to help people discover their ideal work. Featuring in-depth chapters for each personality type, the book shows readers how to find a career that fits their passion and personality, and then shows them how to get it. It is an invaluable resource for those in need of direction, whether they’re seeking a new path or trying to confirm that they’re already on the right one. (read more)

Never Eat Alone, by Keith Ferrazzi

The best networking book on the market. (read more)

The Path: Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for Life, by Laurie Beth Jones

This book combines powerful spiritual insight and inspirational, practical advice on how to achieve one’s highest goals and potential in business and in life, discussing the three key elements of a successful mission statement and explaining how to fulfill a mission. (read more)

The Power of Story:  Change Your Story, Change Your Destiny in Business and Life, by Jim Loehr

A book that examines the way we tell stories about ourselves to ourselves and how way we can change those stories to transform our business and personal lives. (read more)