Extraordinary leaders don't get there alone. 

We work with high-potential professionals and senior leaders who are inspired to live their lives to the fullest and are committed to personal growth.  Our coaches specialize in the intersection of leadership development and career management.  We help individuals advance their careers with greater fulfillment and businesses build successful leaders and teams so that their organizations thrive.

Meet The Coaches
  • Shahnaz Broucek
    Shahnaz Broucek

    Shahnaz Broucek brings over 20 years of leadership experience across multiple industries to her work as an executive coach. She helps leaders achieve business goals that drive bottom line results, such as… continue »

  • Lisa Morgan
    Lisa Morgan

    Lisa offers 15+ years’ experience advising executives and mid-career professionals, most recently coaching Executive MBA’s at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. Lisa is skilled at guiding clients to get… continue »

  • Robin Ross helps organizations develop resilient and remarkable leaders and build healthy, effective and sustainable teams and organizations. Robin’s mindfulness-based approach leverages the latest research in the fields of social and cognitive… continue »

  • Vicki Thibodeau Walker
    Vicki Thibodeau Walker

    Vicki brings over 20 years of experience coaching and consulting C-suite executives, emerging and future leaders, business teams, high potential women, and mid-senior level professionals. She is passionate about helping her clients… continue »

  • Michelle Davis
    Michelle Davis

    Michelle helps new and emerging leaders enhance their leadership skills so they can confidently and authentically take the next step in their careers. Her empathetic but practical approach to coaching helps her… continue »

  • Marco Bombardi brings over 20 years of experience across multiple industries and cultures to his work as an Executive Coach. He helps leaders find success and fulfillment by clarifying their priorities, uncovering… continue »

  • Nan Reed Twiss
    Nan Reed Twiss

    How do you make positive, lasting change? Nan has been on a quest to answer that question for her entire career. Here is what she has come to believe: Individual Coaching, when… continue »